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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
2:40 pm
Congress' Proposal regarding to Marriage
From Yahoo! News: " The emotionally charged proposal, backed by the president and many conservatives, provides that marriage within the United States "shall consist only of a man and a woman.""

Oh "pulease"! The first problem that I see after the passage of the law is that, what is considered "man" and what is considered "woman"?? Some people's sex is male but gender is female. How do you deal with that? What about transexuals or hermaphrodites? The proposal is just ridiculous! If people like each other, why don't you just let them get married? Some supporters of the proposal might say, "the next thing will be legalizing marriage with animals, minors, etc." That's not the same. Non-humans are not in the same species; we have decided that minors are not appropriate, although different cultures/countries define "minor" differently.

I just get so pissed every time someone wants to ban gay marriage.
Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
3:28 pm
Virus Warning- Do not use Internet Explorer
Got this from Urania's blog. She got it from her law school.

-Several "prominent websites," are unwittingly causing users that visit their sites to become infected. We don't know what these websites are, reports indicate they are 'heavy traffic' or 'popular' sites.
-If infection is successful, the virus attempts to log your keystrokes and
retrieve passwords, credit card and banking information and send them to computers in Russia.
-Infection requires that the user visiting the compromised website be using Internet Explorer (IE).
-There is no patch for Internet Explorer that prevents infection at this time.

The simple way to prevent infection at this time is to use a browser other than Internet Explorer, or stay off the internet. At work, please use Netscape which is installed on every computer in the Law School. Internet Explorer may be the default web browser on your computer. If this is the case, you should install another web browser and set it as your default. You can change the default web browser by opening Control Panel and 'Add Remove Programs'. Select 'Set program access and defaults'. Select custom and set your default web browser to something other than IE.

For home use, we suggest you download, install and use Mozilla Firefox. If you have Netscape installed at home, you can use it. You can open IE and paste the link below into the address bar and press enter to initiate the download. We have checked this web site. It is not running the version of web server software that is involved in spreading the virus. Before opening IE you should set it's home page to 'blank'. Open control panel, then Internet Options. On the General tab, in the Home page section, select the 'use blank' option. Click OK and close control panel. You can now safely open IE to paste the link.

Here is the download link:

You can determine if you have been infected. To determine if the malicious code is on your computer:

1. On the taskbar at the bottom of your screen, click Start, and then click Search.
2. Under What do you want to search for? click All files and folders.
3. Under All or part of the file name: enter the following text to search
for both of these files:


4. If either of these files is present, your computer may be infected. You
can clean your computer by using up-to-date antivirus software.

As of this afternoon it has been reported that the main server involved in
spreading the virus was knocked off-line. Even if this is the case, Internet Explorer remains vulnerable and there is currently no patch. If this attack has ended, there will be more. When a new virus is released several variants always follow.

Using a web browser that is not IE, you can visit the links below.

From Microsoft:

From Symantec (our anti-virus vendor):

News Articles:
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
10:08 pm
Read lots of stuff online today, compares to other days.

Economy/Technology- I basically read all the articles on the website, everyone should read these as background:

Robotic Nation http://marshallbrain.com/robotic-nation.htm
Robots in 2015 http://marshallbrain.com/robots-in-2015.htm

Then this:
Manna http://marshallbrain.com/manna1.htm

Yahoo! News: Education in U.S.

Teachers Union wants to sue Bush's Left of Child Behind Act but no states rallies behind it. "A lawsuit would hinge on a provision of the law that says states and school districts would not have to use their own money to pay for any of the law's requirements. It is an important issue because debate has been continuous over whether the government is paying enough to implement the law."

War in Iraq from Yahoo! News:
"As of Friday, June 25, 848 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Defense Department. Of those, 627 died as a result of hostile action and 221 died of non-hostile causes. The department did not provide an update over the weekend."

Taiwan Cultural Sexism- This pisses me off! Stupid people, have they thought about where they'll find spouses?

Taipei Times
Monday, Jun 28, 2004,Page 3

■ Population
More male babies born
The proportion of male babies nationwide is rising as women increasingly abort female fetuses, the Department of Health said yesterday. Sociologists say couples are increasingly choosing to have only one child in order to enjoy a better quality of life and that having a son is preferable because males carry on the family name. Last year, 119,000 boys and 108,000 girls were born, boosting the ratio of males against females to about 110 to 100 from the normal rate of 105 to 100, the department said in a statement. It said more women were aborting female fetuses and giving birth only when they conceive boys. Technology allowing parents to find out the sex of their fetus, as well as artificial insemination allowing parents to choose the sex of their child, has contributed to the increase in the male-to-female ratio, sociologists say. The birthrate dropped to a record low of 1.2 last year. The rate, which measures the average number of times a woman gives birth during her lifetime, was 3.71 in 1971 and 7.04 in 1951.
Thursday, October 9th, 2003
12:29 pm
As you can see, I have not done anything productive since 10:20AM.

Anyhow, I just created an account at Tabulas and it looks so good! I am switching over! I have not posted real entries yet, so you don't have to worry. But the next time that I write, it will be posted there. I might do cross-posting and post on this one also. I will think about it. Here is the link to my site there:

11:54 am
Religious interferences
From Yahoo! News

It is on issues and propaganda like these that I resent the institution of religious establishment. Because of its authority and power, people will actually believe what the religious institution says even when it is COMPLETELY wrong (I am referring to the condom issue).

"Episcopalian Group Repudiates Gay Stance"
Why cannot people accept the fact that gays do exist and they are people too, they will not go away just because religious groups say so. It is discrimination against devoted gay believers who want to serve God and people by becoming a member of the establishment.

"Catholic Church says Condoms don't stop AIDS"
How many people are going to be infected and die because of this?

"Catholic Church Fights Chile Divorce Law"
How many people, especially women, are going to continue to suffer because of this? It is always discrimination against the majority of the population who has no money to pay lawyers.
10:53 am
"classes on girls"
Courtesy of Michelle Lam:

Some EECS (electrical engineering and/in computer science) people decided to express their views on girls using Berkeley's online schedule of classes:

All the classes are "10 units."

Course Title: Normal Girlfriend
MF 12-2P, 109 DWINELLE

Course: GIRLFRIEND 61B P 001 LEC
Course Title: The Really Gross Smelly Fat Girl
Location: W 4-7P, 170 BARROWS

Course Title: The Foreign Chick Who's Hot But You Can't Understand Her
Location: TuTh 1230-2P, 30 WHEELER

Course: GIRLFRIEND 120 P 001 LEC
Course Title: The Girl Everybody Wants But Can't Get
Location: TuTh 10-12P, 200 WHEELER

Course Title: Skanky Ho Bag
Location: MW 10-12P, 20 BARROWS

I don't know what to say. But this reminds me of when my freshmen year roommate Lily told me about there exists a club on campus called "getting prettier girls to Berkeley" or something like that. I got so steamed because my logic was that if they wanted pretty girls and they do not find Berkeley girls up to THEIR standard, why didn't they choose other schools to go to? Another thing was, why didn't those guys look at themselves in the mirror? They seemed to think highly of themselves.

Berkeley girls in general do not care about their appearance. I'm sure that if every girl puts on some make-up and wear certain clothing, they will look good if not great.
Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
12:40 pm
Reading Blogs
I like to read friends' blogs because it not only keep me updated with friends who I see or have not seen in a long time, but it often serves as a wonderful source of news and issues. I found out about many things through reading blogs. It is great!

Currently at www.valloq.com, the California recall has caused a heated discussion. My "issues" entry comes from my comment from that site, but with additional thoughts.
12:07 pm
Commenting on some people's thoughts on www.valloq.com with other thoughts

"I thought you wanted this democracy? The people voting and with power. Oddly enough to prevent such things as this recall, that is exactly why "America was not founded as a pure democracy, and reasons why such things as the electoral college exists. But you think thats a sham also now." (Alex)

"Again, the problem is TOO much democracy. Thats why this recall happened. Thats why the rich are able to exploit the poor." (Alex)

Like what someone has said, the problem is NOT too much democracy.

We, or let me say I, do want democracy. In fact, I want direct democracy because I want each person's view to be heard and have impact. There are conditions for it though. Direct democracy can take place in a society where every person is educated about issues and politics, or at least enough awareness. I am very proud of Taiwan for having direct democracy in the Presidential Election where each citizen's vote counts and matters. I see it as a sign that Taiwan is freer than the United States.

The Electoral College was established to keep the power to the elite and keep the majority of people out of the power structure. You support the Electoral College system? The system was established more than 200 years ago, and it is outdated. The Founding Fathers did not give suffrage to more than 50% of the population in America at that time. Women, slaves, and the poor were excluded. Was it just that the voices of these people were not heard?

If you get the impression that I like the Electoral College system from my earlier entry, it is because I was trying to express my frustration. I also see yet another example of policy that has advantages and disadvantages. No policy is perfect, but we make them to regulate society and people. We do our best to implement the best policy possible.

People should be given political power. We do not want a few to decide on important issues.

If people are exposed to one side point of view only, for example, through media which is controlled by rich people, then they will know only one side of view. That means they do not know the issues well. They are being controlled by the few rich people. That is how the rich exploits the poor- through the media. The elite gives people the power but not the mind to exercise their rights. People need to be aware and then form views. Views that are formed out of ignorance are harmful to oneself and others.

"So you care for the poor, meanwhile spending tens of thousands on college, your car, fast food, eating at restuaratns, etc. meanwhile people are starving and homeless?" (Alex)

(Note: The misspelling of "restuaratns" is not me. Anything in the quotation marks is originated from the speaker)

In a perfect society, we can work out a system to equally distributed wealth so that no one starves or has no shelter. But it is not a perfect society. The society we live in is hierarchical. Some people have wealth and care about the poor and the homeless. If no one or only the poor and the homeless care about themselves, then nothing can be done.

Caring does not mean that you should give all of your wealth away and be homeless or poor. Because the society is like this, you have to maintain your status in order to help and make a difference. You still live your life. Each person's life is determined by the combination of oneself and the environment, therefore, you cannot hope to solve the poor and the homeless problems by giving away all your wealth or live like one. It does not make sense. You want to be able to still help.

If you spend money effectively and productively, it is good. Paying for education helps a person to be aware; getting a car helps you move from place to place; eating food is a basic necessity; and getting a bit of luxury (I am not talking about getting a $1 million house, or stuff like that. I am talking about buying a DVD or CD) is ok because it helps to reduce our stress. I also believe that we should be allowed to relax and enjoy life when we can, but without too much expenses.

"You just answered your own question. Each person should take the responsibility of educating themselves. If they don't, then they choose to remain "blind" and "stupid." Since when was it my responsibility to educate people?" (Penguin Kid 9)

We should try to educate others. Perhaps it is not our responsibility, but it is nice to spread awareness to as many people as possible because it benefits the society in the end. If you are the only one who is aware of things, yet others are ignorant, you will be unhappy about how things are because the majority of the people are not aware of issues.

Because I believe in the power of education, I am concerned about the education system in the U.S. and Taiwan.

In the U.S., I am more concerned with the disparity between the education that the suburb children and the education that urban/inner-city children receive. After coming to Cal, I see it more because most people that I know on campus are from upper-middle and middle class. The quality of their education is certainly different from the quality of my education. My education has been very good among the inner-city children, but most inner-city children are not as lucky. It makes me wanting to go into the teaching profession at the high school level or middle school level because those are critical years that help in determining their future.

In Taiwan, I am concerned with the content of education. There have been some improvements, but it is still not satisfactory. Learning about a China from more than 90 years ago does nothing to a person's intellect or life. It only creates propaganda and mythical delusion of things in the past.

I am doing my part in the Berkeley community with educating people about as many issues as possible, especially issues relating to Taiwan. Berkeley Students for a Sovereign Taiwan is a grass-roots student organization that promotes awareness on Taiwan issues. I believe in the power of education and knowledge. It is extremely powerful.
Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
11:32 pm
Arnold won. What the $%&O(*)&#%(*&(#*%&)&*)@$#!$)@$(*&)$!!!!!!!!!!!!

I IMed people last time to tell them to vote today... I wonder if any of them voted for Arnold...

I was hoping, but it did not work. I wanted to say "unbelievable." But then I remembered, of course it is believable because it is the result.

I wonder if someone tempered with the result... You know, with those voting machines... Who knows...

Maybe it is good that the Electoral College exists and that the U.S. is not a direct democracy. If it is, many things would not or would have happened, bad things. Of course,the set-back is, many good things that could have happened, could not happen.
Monday, October 6th, 2003
1:17 pm
Overheard on the Street
As I was walking back from my 8:00AM class today, at about 9:20AM, I passed by these homeless men (I think they are homeless) in front of this church. I overheard them saying something like:

You've got many people fighting wars over a "God that does not exist. You feel sorry for them? I feel sorry for dogs." I think he said "dogs," not sure though because I was walking away.

They have interesting ideas going around.

Some people said that we should stop by and talk to homeless people sometimes because some do not have mental disorder like in the stereotype, but they got tired of the society and decided to be homeless. I should try to do that before graduation. I need to get at least one friend with me, who wants to come?
Saturday, October 4th, 2003
5:32 pm
Tentative Plan
I am not sure what I will do after graduation. Currently I have two options in mind:

1. Take 1 year off and study Japanese and Classical Chinese intensively. Then apply to grad school for history.

2. Take 1 year off and prepare for grad school for education. I will apply to grad school to teach history and math(if I am qualified for math). I hope to get my credential and master's in 2 years.

I will most likely come to a decision after attending the California Graduate School Diversity Forum in San Jose State University on November 1.

If you are interested in going, go talk to your school's Graduate School Opportunity Program (or something related to that). Here is the online registration form:

I think UCLA is preparing it, at least for this year.
5:00 pm
Yeh had indirectly scolded at me for not reading his blog lately. So today I got the time to update myself with every friend's blog. Finally done. The last time before today that I read people's blog was on Sunday, Sept 29. Yeah, I have been busy this whole week with volunteering!
4:58 pm
The Worth of My Soul
Got it from Yeh:

"Your soul is worth £27360. For your peace of mind, 31% of people have a purer soul than you."

Yeh is more pure than me. I'm not pure. People, stop thinking of me as naive and innocent! I am not!
4:09 pm
Week of 9/29- 10/4 Update
Monday- Volunteer for Student Homecoming 2003. The last time that the event occurred was in 1959. I devoted 4 hours. From 7-9:15PM, we had the make-up session for the Policing Sexuality seminar. Professor Laqueur brought Zachary's Pizza and drinks for us. It was good as usual.

Tuesday- BST discussion of Taiwan's 2004 Presidential Election was interesting because we actually had 6 people who are not organizers showed up. Janice, who graduated, came back, :). Emily whom I know from SMILE came. Yeh remembered and came. Then Danny, and his two friends came also. I forgot one of his friend's names, he showed up at the film night too. I feel a bit bad for not remembering his name. The meeting began at 6:40PM and lasted until about 8:30PM.

Wednesday- Worked on the Japanese skit at Rosie Chae's place from 7-9PM, she is an engineering graduate student at Cal. She is cool. We chatted a lot. I learned a bit about graduate students. It was nice meeting her boyfriend who is a medical student at UCSF.

Thursday- I volunteered for the Battle of the Brains, one of Student Homecoming events, from 6-9PM. I got the job of meeting the contestants and talked to them. I got to ask the lady from School of Education about getting credential after graduation. The questions for the contest was too easy- I could answer between 1/2 to 2/3 of the questions. The students won. But I think the faculty should have gotten one of the questions- their answer was correct but the judge said it was incorrect. Oh well.

After I got home, I called Rosie Chae and she and her boyfriend Albert came to my place to practice for our skit at 10PM. We had to perform the skit the next day at 8AM. Three of us were chatting most of the time. We got to know each other a bit more, especially the relationship part.

Friday- I had dates with Claudia at 9AM and Michelle at 1PM. It was fun talking to both of them. I discovered that they will go to the same retreat! How coincidental! I am going to change the time for the weekly date with Michelle because I really need to take a nap before my 2PM class. I dozed off for 30 minutes (which was basically the whole lecture)and the lecture was 50 minutes! Ahh!!!! :*( I know I'm such a bad student. This is my second time dozing off for 30 minutes this semester. I felt tired after I got out.

Catherine called me the night before and asked me to go to Theatre Rice. Yeh also IMed me. So I decided to go. Catherine got Jason to go, so me asking was a wasted effort. Then I got Wei and Charlie to go. Sophia had prior plan and could not make it. Diana went also. Charlie, Jason, Yeh, and I met up at 6:50PM. The door opened at 7:35 or 7:40PM, and we got seats.

People we know kept on cutting. First it was Wei, whom I did not think would cut. Then Catherine. Then Yeh's roommate Shen and friend (I forgot his name...). Then Charlie's roommate, Leo, who came to BST's first general and possibly the film night- I don't remember. This girl Han, I didn't get introduced until after the show, that Catherine and Yeh knew, cut also. Finally, Bonar and his brother Bophan came right before the door opens, and cut. So yeah, each of the original four people who lined up had at least one person cut on his or her part. =P Moral failure...

Saturday- got up at 8:35AM and got ready to volunteer for Cal Day of Service. I went with the NSCS group. I got there before 9:10AM, and we did not leave to go to the site until about 10:15AM. We were lucky and got rides from the people. The chair of the park talked for about 30 minutes or so on the significance of what they do. Then we began to do stuff. We first spread chipped red wood over barren land. Then we had cheese pizza from Zachary (yeah, I am connected to Zachary's pizza in some way...). Then most of us moved on to weed. Some plants were so stubborn that we had to just cut the roots instead of pulling the whole thing out. Everyone was tired.

I know I am going to be sore all over my body tomorrow. I am currently tired and sore. I want to do some reading, but it is unlikely... Aye... I am suck a slacker...
Saturday, September 27th, 2003
7:40 pm
U-Theatre: Drummers from Taiwan Performance
A bunch of us went to the performance last night at 8PM.

I got an email from the sponsoring group saying that I won a pair of free tickets. I printed out the email, just in case. Well, what do you know, it came in handy! They did not have anything for me. I showed the email and they printed out two tickets for me. We got the orchestra seats- meaning among the most expensive seatings! There are three different prices for the seatings depending on their location relative to the stage. So yeah, that print-out of the email on a scratch paper worthed that much. The regular price was $42 per ticket, Cal students would get 50% off, which would be $21, and for this time, get a ticket free when they buy one. Really good deal. I got the BEST deal though. :-D

After picking up the tickets at 7PM, Jason and I took a little walk on campus. It was nice as I took him to this route that I discovered behind the Faculty Club on Thursday night. We walked back to the auditorium and saw Charlie. Eventually Sophia, Diana, Catherine, Charlie's roommate, and Thomas came. I did not see TACL people nor Yeh. I wondered where they were.

The performance was AWESOME! If you ever get a chance, GO SEE IT! Oh my, they had 6 pieces last night. Each one was awesome! There were the sounds of human voices, different drums, this Chinese string thing, and metal bowls. The performers also danced as they played the drums. Each male performer was very muscular and seemed to be strong. The speed of their body movement and hand playing on the drum movement were absolutely amazing. I was so impressed that afterward I spent $30 on buying their T-shirts for Jason and I. Yup, the cheap me actually spent money on that. Jason bought the $10 nicely put-together program for me. That was REALLY nice.

We went back for the question and interview. They told us their training, etc. Of course, there was a Chinese guy who tried to ensure that Japanese Taiko originated from China. The Taiwanese performers did not know the answer to that question, but the guy insisted on the question for a bit. Dude, why can't they just stop trying to claim that "EVERYTHING" in Asian cultures is "ORIGINALLY Chinese"? There is truth to many things, especially when we talk about Chinese influences in Far Eastern cultures. But what is the point of asking that question? Claiming Chinese superiority?
7:37 pm
Cal beat USC
Hahahaha, Cal beat USC! Oh my, USC is ranked THIRD in the nation and we beat them. Well, I heard that we were up for a while but then tied. We won in the third over time. I can see why certain people think our team sucks- we had many opportunities to end the game victorious, but did not finish it quick. But the end result is, we won! Well, I expect some kind of big parties all over campus tonight, it's going to be loud...
Friday, September 26th, 2003
6:13 pm
Cookies Sale
When I first saw the headline (from Google news), I could not believe that some college students are still openly racist in the 21st century, but then I read the article and saw their reasoning. Their reason made sense, but something still did not feel right...


"The sale Tuesday was organized by the Young Conservatives of Texas, who said it was intended as a protest of affirmative action.

A sign said white males had to pay $1 for a cookie. The price was 75 cents for white women, 50 cents for Hispanics and 25 cents for blacks.

Members of the conservative group said they meant no offense and were only trying to exercise their freedom of speech to protest the use of race or gender as a factor in college admissions."
Thursday, September 25th, 2003
12:49 pm
Reading books/articles
This is my first time reading news on Google. I read it after reading Yahoo! Well, I found out that Edward Said, a Palestinian-born Columbia University professor, has died. I read at least 2 books and a few articles by him during summer.

It is one thing when you read a book or an article and know that the writer is alive or dead. If that person is alive when you read, especially within the last 2-3 months, it can be shocking.
11:51 am
Doughy637 (11:49:42 AM): you still have your boy toy?

I don't remember ever using that word when I talk to Doughy637, I think I have never used it before referring to Jason. I have used it when I speak about other girls' boys.

So, Doughy637 has complained about the length of my entries. Well, when I restarted the blog, I told myself that I would do short entries, but with greater frequency. Well, since I am so chattery, that became impossible. I reverted back to my old habit. What does this mean? Well, you have to be bored or have some time in order to read my entries. If you don't, don't bother since you will get very frustrated at the length of these entries.

But you know, I have posted quite a few short entries recently. :) I am proud of myself for doing that. ("short" in a relative sense)
Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
11:41 am
can't escape
So, I cannot escape it after all.

I have been watching out for that universal 6-month critical point, and finally, a bit after 7 months of dating, I have experienced it. It lasted at least a full 48 hours for me, I have no idea how long it was for Jason, or if he even considers it a big crisis at all. I do not ever mean to hurt him, but I think I did because of my own pain and consequently my words and actions. I don't think we went through the honeymoon period at all, but that does not matter. I definitely consider it a crisis because I was analyzing, and getting serious about my thought and thus decision.

Michelle, who first told me about the 6-month critical point, is correct. I am referring more to her reasons for why it occurs. It was not the personality issue, but a time and balance issue. Therefore, she is correct in naming those elements.

Everything seems fine at this moment, after last night's 3 hours of talking. It will depend on how he and then me act in the next couple months in order for me to determine if the situation has improved...
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